Ons glo dat elke persoon die reg het tot die skepping en beskerming van welvaart en finansiële sekuriteit en om ’n nalatenskap op te bou......We believe that everyone has the right to create and protect prosperity, and to build a legacy.

About Us


The Exell Philosophy:

We believe that everyone has the right to create and protect prosperity, and to build a legacy.
We are therefore Passionate about adding value for our clients and to support them with Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism.

Our Core Values:

We are fully committed to add value for our clients because we believe in what we do.

Because we are convinced that for every client’s unique situation there is a plan or solution, we will think outside the box in the best interest of our clients.

Integrity is the DNA of one’s character and character dictates! Therefore we will protect confidentiality, act honestly and sincere, do what we undertake to do and take responsibility for our advice. We will bend anything except our principles.


  Our actions, service and advice will stand out because we:  
  live our philosophy, and our core values are who we are;  
  are committed to the letter and spirit of the law;  
  know our shortcomings and capabilities and therefore believe in specialisation and strategic partnerships;  
  strive to stay on top of any new developments, laws and other issues that may be relevant to our clients;  
  enhance our knowledge and experience with continues study and training on academic as well as a practical level;  
  set high standards for ourselves and adhere to it. Our documentation and records is comprehensive and transparent and is proof hereof;  
  have respect for our clients as is clear from our offices, appearance and actions;  
  see the interest and needs of our clients as the highest priority;  

Our Mission:

To live our philosophy and core values by growing a comprehensive financial services group where the following are our first priority:

1. The development of entrepreneurship
2. growing in knowledge, skills and experience.
3. Provide service that defines professionalism
4. Offer focused solutions to our clients
5. Develop strategic partnerships
6. Building long-term relationships with our customers



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